SDGs activity ~Collaboration between Taishoboseki and Maternity mark~

  • October 1, 2021Report

    A maternity mark is supposed to be a mark that protects expecting mothers’ well-being.

    The early stages of pregnancy are critical for the growth of the baby as well as for mothers’ health.

    However, as it is difficult to tell the difference by appearance, an expecting mother faces various difficulties.

    A couple of examples are listed below.

    “I cannot take a seat on the train.”

    “I am worried about cigarette smoke.”

    Taishoboseki decided to collaborate with Maternity mark to support creating a nice environment for expecting mothers through raising awareness of the Maternity mark.

    The gist point of Maternity Mark is listed below.

    -Please have the courage to talk to an expecting mother who looks sick or uncomfortable.
    -When you see an expecting mother either on the train or bus, show your caring heart by giving up your seat for her.
    -Wait for smoking until you take a distance from an expecting mother.

    <The location where a maternity mark can be found >
    Toei Oedo Line, Metro, Priority seats

    <Advertising period>
    September 11, 2021~Septmeber 10, 2022

    Of all Sustainable Development Goals, goal 3 suggests that we ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

    Why don’t we raise the opportunities to take actions that show caring in our daily lives?
    Also, we should be aware of trying our best to create a friendly environment for mothers and their children.

    As for the early stages of pregnancy, there are differences according to each individual.

    Giving up seats is not a mandatory choice. However, we would like to encourage showing your friendly and caring attitude to an expecting mother regardless of the time and place.

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