Tohoku cotton

  • May 28, 2021Report

    Mr. Akasaka, who is both Tohoku cotton*¹ producer and the owner of EastFarm Miyagi, sent us the photo of this years’ seedling after Taishoboseki reported the completion of 2020 years’ ginning.

    The “Tohoku Cotton Project” is a project that aims at post-disaster reconstruction through agriculture, in which farmers who were affected by the tsunami grow cotton on their farmland.  Farmers affected by the tsunami grow cotton (cotton) in farmland where rice cultivation and other activities have become difficult, and participating companies jointly develop cotton throughout the process including spinning, commercialization, and sales. *¹

    As he mentioned, this year, the planting of seedlings will take place on May 30.

    In past years, Tohoku Cotton members had participated in this event, but this year, local volunteers will be helping us.

    In Osaka, seeds are sown directly, but in cold regions, seedlings are grown in greenhouses and then planted in the field after the weather warms up.

    Looking at the photos, this year’s seedlings look very vigorous.

    Mr. Akasaka also commented, “This year’s seedlings are good because we used new seeds.

    We are quite looking forward to the harvest in the fall. Taishoboseki will make our continuous efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection so that we can meet everyone in the cotton fields in the fall.

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