Taishoboseki cotton farm: Sowing

  • May 19, 2021Report

    On April 23rd in 2021, Taishoboseki employees did sowing.

    About 40 members of Taishoboseki industries participated in sowing.

    By the day of sowing, a few members of the sales department broadcasted both chicken-manure and lime. The kind gentleman who owns this field made furrows already since then. This year, too, we will grow cotton using organic farming methods without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

    To Prepare for the sowing, we did the following process.

    I. Mowing the grass around the field. *¹
    II. Making water channels and drainage ditches for drainage measures. *²
    III. Putting up mulch sheets to prevent weeds. *³
    IV. Making holes in the mulch sheet
    V. Finally, sowing the seeds

    Random Trivia/ Tidbits

    On the condition that we do this, we can rent the field at a reasonable price. *¹
    Last year, we had to deal with heavy rains.*²
    Japan would be the only country in the world that takes this much care in its cotton fields. *³

    The members of the manufacturing department took the lead in this project and worked tirelessly.

    This year, out of the 10 rows, we decided to grow 2 rows of organic brown cotton that Sally Fox gave us, 6 rows of non-genetically modified Fibermax, which is the early-maturing Greek crop. As for the rest of the rows, 2 rows were planted sunflowers and corn as banker plants for pest control, respectively.

    Sowing completed in two hours.
    We are looking forward to future cotton growth.
    We appreciated our employees’ hard work.

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