Community cleanup volunteering activity

  • April 14, 2021Report

    We have been implementing community cleanup activity since last year as a part of SDGs activities. We picked up some trash nearby the area Taishoboseki in Hannan city, Osaka. Under the nice weather, a total number of 50 employees gathered there and played a part in this activity amid the spring season. We separated employees into nearly 16 teams. Each team is made of three employees to compete in a cleanup game. Everyone collected trash by classifying waste into three groups: combustible rubbish, plastic bottles, and non-combustible rubbish.

    The impression of joining cleanup activity is following three points. Firstly, there was less amount of huge rubbish from the roadside facing Taishoboseki to the roadside toward the nearest station. Next, it was unfortunate to find out many cigarette butts there. We reckoned that those cigarette butts were thrown by people who were heading to the station. Many citizens we came across gave us a cheerful message. They said, “Thank you for your hard work!” It was encouraging for us to hear such a voice.

    After that, we counted the total number of classified wastes such as plastic bottles and empty cans by each team. The top-ranked team was given a prize.
    More specifically, the result of our cleanup activity was as shown below.

    • The total weight of combustible rubbish was accounted for 55kg.
    • The number of plastic bottles was 133.
    • The number of empty cans was 245.

    Employees usually have less opportunity to have a conversation with one another if each worker belongs to a different department. By participating in community cleanup volunteering with working as teams, we were able to interact and communicate with new colleagues.

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